The Runalyzer Blue HR chest strap

With the new Runalyzer Blue heart rate monitor for iOS (Apple) and Android:

  • Evaluate your real efforts.
  • Estimate your calories and body fat loss in real time.
  • Measure day after day the benefits of your workouts on your heart and your body.
  • Optimize your workouts according to your abilities and your goals.

With the Runalyzer Blue chest strap, connect your iPhone to your heart and optimize the efficiency of your workouts.

The usefulness of a Heart Rate Monitor, the power of an iPhone *

  • Heart rate
  • Target zones
  • Vocal coach
  • Goals
  • Speed & cadence
  • Elevation
  • GPS tracking
  • Ghost race
  • Playlists
  • Motivation
  • Training programs
  • Synchronization with a web portal

* features of most applications compatible with the Runalyzer, see the complete list here

The ultra-thin chest strap

The box

In the box

  • The Runalyzer Blue chest strap
  • A user manual
  • A 2-years guarantee

Additional information

  • Accurate heart rate detection
  • > 1-year battery life based on standard usage
  • Flexible, breathable, rash free
  • Range up to 5 meters
  • Included and replaceable battery (CR2032)

Compatible devices

Android compatible devices

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